Medical Imaging

Part of my research activity focuses on Medical Imaging, and more precisely on 3D segmentation, object detection and tracking.

I have recently been working on the 3D segmentation of the vascular tree from Micro-CT acquisitions on rats (femur, mandibles or tibia).

femur mandible tibia

An exemple of blood vessels tracking (click image to play video):


I hope I will be able to provide some source code/results soon...

Another collaboration with the neuroimaging unit within the University hospital led us to work on brain lesion detection due to carotid surgery.


We have studied the possibility to use Objective Quality Metrics to detect the lesions within 3D volumes. The image below shows the probability map given by the HDRVDP metric for the above mages.


Our study showed that a few metrics were able to predict the presence of the lesion despite the images misalignment (bad registration), see Figure below.

Metrics values

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