Andrew Kingston pursued a post-doc in the lab (2006-2007) and did a great job on the Mojette transform for lossless compression, selective encryption, and multi-scale representation.

Here's some of his code.

Note that andrew didn't wrote this code in the aim to distribute it, he just wanted to get some good results !
I insisted to put the code online, so if anybody should be blamed if the code is not easy to use, that would be me...

Anyway, this code is quite efficient, it does either lossless compression, selective encryption, or Multi-scale Mojette transform.

Here are the packages.

Some very brief explanations:

how to compile:

gcc name.c -o name -lm [-lfftw3]

Note that you'll have to change the path of the library (#include "..../library/....")/

This code was used in the paper entitled Lossless Image Compression via Predictive Coding of Discrete Radon Projections", which has been accepted for publication in Elsevier Signal Processing: Image Communication.

Check out my publication page.